My Availability

  • Please submit this form when you first join the community or if you would like to add, change, or modify any of your current teaching availability.
  • Please note that once you submit the information, the system will base on your available working days of the week, available time for booking, time of the day…etc. automatically calculate how many students and who will be assigned to your teaching studio.
  • All previously booked appointments will not be affected if you change your availability after appointments are booked, please work out those booked appointments with your students, and be sure to notify and work with our office team members as well, many of our current operation is all computerized and automatized, so be sure to communicate with “Humans”.
  • Please keep in mind that the less available time you can provide, the less likely a new customer is able to book from you. Simple math probability, not rocket science.

My Teaching Availability