Special Days

  • Special Day is only for that temporarily once a while one time booking availability change need, it will overwrite your current existing system and computer booking availability on that particular day for one time only.
  • This is for once a while situation where you have more time to teach in a particular day or under situations that you need to shorten a work day.
  • It will affect your ability of taking on new students as computer system will factor those unavailable time spot when a new student try to make the booking, but will not affect your existing students and those already booked appointments.
  • All previously booked appointments will not be affected if you submitted your Special Days After those appointments were booked, please work with your existing students for those booked appointments and do make sure notify our office team members as well so we are aware of it.

  • Please keep in mind that as the industry standard, each student is expecting to receive one lesson per week, unless the lesson day fall on one of our community-wide published official holidays.
  • It’s your responsibility to provide and fulfill already scheduled and booked lessons.
  • Please make up, reschedule or provide substitute for your own scheduled lessons and students.
  • With nowadays remote and online lesson technologies, we are sure everyone can always find the time and a place to teach, no matter where you are in the world, only if you are willing or not.
My Teaching Special Day