Staff Working Availability

If you are not working full time, please do your best to fit into work shift. You can cover more than one shift. If you can only cover a partial shift, then at least one shift has to be full coverage plus one partial shift.

3:00 am – 8:59 am EST
9:00 am – 1:59 pm EST
2:00 pm – 7:59 pm EST
8:00 pm – 2:59 am EST

Staff Working Availability

If you can work Full Time and be flexible with schedule, then you may skip the following section and submit the form.  若是您可以工作全职并且可以配合公司安排,您可以跳过以下的部分直接提交。

What's your availability?  您目前的可以工作时间?

Please understand that it will not be practical that a company accommodate and match everyone's desired work schedule and conditions perfectly, what we can do as a company is try our best to mix and match what's available and what is the best options for the individual and the entire team.  请理解,一家公司完全按照并吻合所有人所填写的理想工作时间和理想天来安排上班工作是不现实的,我们所能做的就是尽可能匹配和符合我们同事们的理想上班需求,并在所有有限条件下作出对所有团队成员来说最好的选择。

Following section is only for reference, we can try but definitely not guarantee to match your reference.  In addition, from the 17 years experiences of operating different businesses, company will prioritize full time staff members and their preference over part time members.

以下部分仅供参考,我们会尝试但绝对不能保证与您的期望值完全匹配。 此外,从过去 17 年的我们各种经营管理经验,公司将优先考虑全职员工及需求,半职员工候补。

Thank you.  谢谢