Does each one of my child needs to have an account on the platform?

Yes. Technically speaking, our tech team could create a parent and child account relationship to accommodate parents who have more than one child enrolled in Musipire and classes, however, due to we still have so many existing Musipire students and parents that are still on the lesson credit system instead of monthly tuition system, and many still have lesson credits left, and each child also has different credits under different instruments, and some was even taking multiple instruments. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to put all the variables into just one big single parent account plus sub child accounts at this stage.

However, as time goes by, most of Musipire’s students’ previous lesson credits will be used up and gradually be converted into the monthly tuition system, then we will be able to start implementing the Parent and Child accounts linking process. We are looking at around 8 months to 1-year period of time from now before all existing Musipire students can be converted into the new monthly tuition system, so we can start implementing the Parent and child accounts.

Category: Platform Usage