What about my current lesson credits with Musipire

We will move all of your existing lesson credits and record into our new system one by one, so it will be much easier or convenient for you to track how many lesson credits you still have under your account.

Musipire is currently offering all of its current and past students 4 options to choose from, whether you still have Lesson credits left or do not have any lesson credits left.   

1. Take Online Lesson

2. Take In-Person Lesson at our facilities 

3. If you still have lesson credits left, but can’t decide yet, you could become our newly created Online Music Education Community members free of charge first, and make your decision within 6 months.

4. If you do not have any lesson credit left.  Since you have been a Musipire student before, you are qualified to enroll and become our newly created Online Music Education Community Member, free of charge for the first 6 months promotional period.  This promotional offering is only for Musipire’s old students.   

(Online Music Education Community Members can browses the whole platform and interact and make friends with other members and enjoy many privileges.  Taking music lessons or classes are not required and it’s also not included in the membership) 

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